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This site is intended for use by other yoga teachers. I have provided some 'stick people' for a number of postures, grouped as shown on the left. Teachers may feel free to save these gif images and use them for their lesson plans. Student teachers may also use these for their course. However, if you use any of my images please credit them as follows: 'Illustrations from Bridget Appleby's website at'

Non-teachers should not regard this web-site as sufficient to teach them yoga - please refer to more detailed sites which provide detailed descriptions of the postures. Two of my favourites are:

Yoga Journal: A US site, covering meditation, business practice, health and asanas. You can find photographs and descriptions of postures listed by their sanskrit or English names.

Yoga Basics: Postures selectable by bend or starting position. Includes photographs, instructions, and most usefully suggestions of postures to do before or after each posture described.