1999 Christmas Newsletter


Bridget, Malcolm & James

  This year, mummy and daddy asked if I would write the Christmas newsletter, because they are both quite busy. Mummy went back to work in February. She works three days a week as a risk management consultant in Abingdon, and this year work has taken her offshore to an oil and gas platform in the North Sea. She was away for four nights, and I missed her, but daddy took some time off from his work so I didn’t notice too much. Mummy is still teaching yoga on Mondays, which she enjoys a lot.  

  I have had two nice ladies looking after me this year. From February until October I spent the day with Sue while mummy was at work, and had lots of adoring girls to play with. Isabella is about a year older than me, Lauren (seven) and Samantha (13) play with us after school and during the holidays. 

Unfortunately, Sue had bad back so in October I moved to a new childminder, called Helen. She has two sons, Steven who is nearly three, and David who is nearly one. Although it was nice having adoring girls around me, I’m having lots of fun with two boys to play with, although mummy thinks I’ve become a bit more boisterous!



In February we took a tour of the North, visiting daddy’s Aunt Alice in Bridlington, friends Alan, Sheila, Jeunese and Erin in Scotland, and mummy’s cousin Noel and Louise near Durham.  Scotland was fun, with lots of walks on the beach.  Jeunese and Erin even adopted me as an honorary little brother.



Burntisland beach with Jeunese, Erin, Alan and Jester the dog


James with Alice & Stan



We’ve tried this year to see us much of my grandparents as we could.  Granny and Grandad from Ipswich came to stay for a week when Sue was on holiday, and Grandad had another couple of days with me when Sue was ill (he realised how much work it was looking after me all day!).  We’ve also been to visit them and other friends in Ipswich several times.


Andrew, Marie, Malcolm & James

  Mummy doesn’t manage risk or teach yoga on Fridays, so that is the day we always spend together without daddy.  In the morning we go to a music group, where I sing along with mummy and play lots of musical instruments.  I’ve made lots of friends there, and love the music.  Often in the afternoon we’ll visit someone or do some shopping, or go to the park.  I love the swings, and hopefully daddy is going to build me one in the garden next year.

 Unfortunately, Daddy has to spend longer driving to work now that they’ve moved his office to Richmond.  However it also means he’s got an even better excuse to work at home from time to time.  He still finds the work very interesting, looking at new things to do with mobile phones and the Internet.

  In June we went to France.  This involved a long journey in the car, but I was very good and as long as we stopped to eat regularly I didn’t mind travelling.  We stayed in a mobile home in a place called Roquebrune Sur Argens.  We did lots of splashing in a swimming pool, a lake and in the sea.  I liked the swimming pool and the beach, but I wasn’t sure about the waves.  I wrote lots about our holiday in France on our website:  http://my.genie.co.uk/malcolm.bridget    


James and Bridget at the Palace (Monte Carlo)



  Other highlights were Monte Carlo where we learnt about a pretty princess who died, a journey by train to Nice and a drive into the mountains where we saw some lovely scenery.  One day mummy’s school friend Susanne and her family (who live in Menton) came to see us.  Susanne has a son Christopher, and a daughter Catherine.  Catherine swam without armbands – I thought she was lovely!  

James and Bridget swimming with Catherine and Christopher and their daddy David


My first birthday was in August, and we spent the day with Granny and Grandad in Salisbury.  Jeunese and Erin’s grandparents came too as they also live in Salisbury.  I had two cakes for my birthday, as mummy had made me one for a little party with my friends in Prestwood the day before, and daddy bought me a Thomas the Tank Engine cake.  I had some lovely presents, and it took me ages to write all the thank you letters.


 James and Bridget with Len, Brenda and Thomas the Tank Engine


In August, as well as the excitement of my birthday, we had another holiday, in Cornwall where it rained a lot, including on the day we were supposed to see the sun go out.  We spent a long time in a car park on the top of some cliffs.  Mummy and daddy played with their cameras, and Uncle Graham had a huge telescope.  The rain stopped, and the sky went darker and darker, but I didn’t mind, because mummy was cuddling me.  We stood there as lots of people said things like ‘wow!’ and ‘gosh!’ and ‘isn’t it amazing?’  Then it started getting light again. We never saw the sun, but everyone said it was very exciting just to be there.


Waiting for the eclipse


In November we went to Sue & Matthew’s wedding.  Sue was mummy’s bridesmaid, and before that they used to travel a lot together.  Sue was very pretty, and Matthew’s speech was very funny, so I clapped a lot.

 I started to crawl properly a week before my first birthday, when I was allowed to stay up late to play with my American friend Peter who was visiting with his mum, Jan.  Mummy had some pizza, so I decided to crawl across the room to share it with her.  I started walking at the beginning of December, and I’ve already mastered walking backwards.  My favourite things are my books and my Duplo, and I’ve become quite skilled at tower building.

 I’ve enjoyed meeting new friends and family this year (including Great-Aunts Annie, Alice and Bonge, and even greater aunt (Great-great) Aunt Betty), and hope to see many more of you in the year to come.

 Love from James

    Happy Christmas and
New Millennium to you all

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