2001 Christmas Newsletter  from:

Bridget, Malcolm, James & Matthew


Surrounded as I am at the moment by bags of fabric - half made costumes for the Prestwood panto, uncut glove puppets for the church nativity play and a Father Christmas cape for the toddler group Christmas party - its hard to remember that I've done anything else other than cut, sew, cut and sew.

A quick rummage through the photo album reminds me of some of the highlights of 2001. Matthew's baptism took place at our church in February, which meant more sewing as he had already grown out of the century old outfit that James wore for his Christening. We were glad that Godparents Ann from Ipswich, and Alan now living in Scotland could join local Godfather Michael to support us on this special day.


Matthew's Baptism, with Godparents



Wedding guests at St Paul's Bay, Lindos

In May we headed off for Rhodes, for a holiday and to attend the wedding of Malcolm's niece, Sue. The holiday was hard work with small children, but the wedding was the most different we'd ever been to, with a short ceremony in a most picturesque setting by a pretty bay in Lindos, followed by a long party!

Both boys found the weather a bit too hot for comfort, and the swimming pools a bit too cold for comfort, but James really enjoyed the roof-top restaurants, and the near-endless supply of chicken nuggets on the menus.



It's a small world after all


In July we travelled under the sea to Eurodisney. The Eurostar journey was fantastic, and James loved seeing Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Dumbo and all the other characters. A highlight was the live Winnie the Pooh and Friends show, which was packed.

However, for me the most relaxing holiday this year was spending a few days with Alan, Sheila, Jeunese and Erin at their home in Burntisland, the other side of Edinburgh. To see such beautiful beaches almost deserted in August is astonishing compared to the crowds of Bournemouth and Brighton. Admittedly, it wasn't as warm, but it was lovely to see James so absorbed by shells and stones.

  August also saw James' third birthday party, with a dinosaur theme as he is now an expert in distinguishing his diplodocus from his triceratops. Another family wedding in September, as Malcolm's other niece Caroline was married in Cambridge. This was a more conventional wedding, except for the fact that the groom's father conducted the service!

Also in September we took what seems to have become an annual trip to Centerparcs in Longleat with Malcolm's parents, Brenda and Len. We enjoyed good weather, swimming, cycling and walking, and have already booked for the same time next year.

Malcolm, James & Caroline


Matthew's first birthday

  Matthew's first birthday was in October, and we had a little party in Ipswich with Grandma and Grandad L, as well as friends Katharine, John, Jemma and Alexander. Matthew is a complete mischief, and is into everything. Visitors to our house will notice that book shelves and CD racks have been turned to the walls, and kitchen cupboards are held shut with bits of string!


James started nursery in February this year, and pre-school in September. He seems to enjoy the mix offered by this combination, and Matthew should be joining him at nursery next year for one and half days a week. I've been teaching one yoga class a week since June, and hope to increase this next year once Matthew is at nursery. I'm still writing 1200 words a month for the Health & Safety at Work journal, and might also look for other publications to write for next year. I enjoy this 'quick and punchy' style of writing more than the lengthy consultancy reports I've had to produce in the past, although I'm still open to offers of work if it can be done mostly from home!

Malcolm's relocation this year (there is of course at least one per year) has been to Hammersmith, which means less driving (good thing) but greater dependency on trains (bad thing). Various reorganisations have seen Malcolm in and out of bits of BT, and finally in the de-merged and strangely named mmO2, free of the "mother ship" at last. He's working in Genie Internet, which keeps him busy bringing the internet to mobile phones.

In his occasional leisure time, Malcolm has recently joined the Prestwood Theatre Club committee, as their technical representative. Since they always have committee meetings on Mondays, and I often go to yoga that night, the meetings are now held at our house, and Malcolm doubles-up as babysitter.

  Happy Christmas and New Year to all
our friends and family
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