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For the first time, we returned to the same town (Biot), the same site (Camping du Pylone), and even the same caravan for a holiday, only 12 months after the previous holiday. It was useful to know in advance what we would find, and what we didn't need to bring. Other caravans were available, but we so loved the setting next to the river (but with the protective fence) that we plumped for the same again.
It was all James' doing of course - he had been telling everyone for months before that we were going to France, to the swimming pool that he could take his inflatable dolphin into. He said it often enough that somehow, it happened. Of course, we wouldn't have booked it if we hadn't enjoyed ourselves so much last year. Returning, the caravan felt like a home from home, with James seen here using the CBeebies website!

As usual, we took a supply of books to keep the boys entertained (as well as the laptop). Something of the nature of the holiday is apparent from the fact that I got through two novels before we touched down in Luton. Our evening routine of stories before bed was maintained on holiday, sometimes out in the evening sunshine, or otherwise in the caravan.
Returning to the campsite also meant we felt even more at home with the people this year. Tony & Jill's stay at their caravan again overlapped with our week, and we had a lovely evening of adult conversation when they came over to our caravan one night after the boys had gone to bed. Getting to know people has made the thought of a third holiday at Camping du Pylone seem very attractive.